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The Big Shrink —

The Big Shrink
Folly/Function 2017 Competition
Socrates Sculpture Park
Long Island City, NY

An interest in origami and the potential of shrink wrap inspired this innovative design for a panelized system of portable, demountable structures that can be deployed in place of tents for the park’s exciting array of arts, educational, and social events. The panels exploit the tensile properties of shrink wrap, which maintains structural integrity under compressional forces. The panels, which are easy to assemble, take apart, and reassemble, can be mounted in a multitude of ways to create geometric forms that are both whimsical and utilitarian, and provide shelter for outdoor performances and art exhibits. The 2017 open competition was sponsored by the Architectural League and Socrates Sculpture Park.

Project Size

A total of 324 sf (4 demountable structures)

SMA Team:

Stephen Moser, principal
Design team: Michaela Delasanta, Helene Lee